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To reach your child / Camp Counselor during Camp hours: 

Call / Whatsapp:   441 531 5150 or 

Email: [email protected]   

Camp Base:

St.Marys Church Hall

26 Middle Road,Warwick WK 03

Our Favorite (s) - The Fun Page

Here is a list of our favorite activities for children in Bermuda!  Places and activities that we absolutely looove!  Join us one day!

So much to choose from, page is not quite finished but take a look what we have come up so far...

X20 Water Park​

For kids 4+ generally though smaller kids will have a blast playing in the shallower areas of Daniels Head Beach.   X20 is new to the Bermuda "things to do" list and has quickly become a crowd pleaser.    Its a myriad of inflatable slides and courses that is fun for all.   Fully staffed with dedicated and committed LifeGuards on duty during all hours of operation to ensure the absolute safety of children. 

Its a steal at $20.00 for the day.   Located a stretch out though at Daniels Head, in Sandys Parish.  The beauty of the location is electrifying with plenty of space for parents to relax and enjoy the beach.  No other food or beaching amenities though so go prepared!   For families wanting an authentic family fun Bermuda experience, this is it! 

Learn more here:  https://www.x2oadventures.com/

Scheduled during Weeks 1, 4, and 6.

The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute

Centrally located in the city of Hamilton, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute offers a stunning amount of fun and education.  With activities that are interactive and engaging it is sure to enthrall even the most easiest distracted child.  They explore topics such as the Bermuda Triangle, how Bermuda was formed, America's Cup, Bermuda Shipwrecks, Bermuda Treasure and Marine Life.  

BUEI also offers a simulated dive experience and the worlds largest shell collection and a Tram Island Tour. 

This venue is a definite crowd pleaser and suitable for the young and old.  

Open 7 days a week from 10am-5pm (last admission is 4pm)

Adults $15

Senior $12

Child $8

Under 5yrs Free

Lean more here: https://www.buei.bm/

On the Abrakadoodle Roster.  Check the Camp 

Schedule page for more details.   


The Bermuda Aquarium & Zoo

About as classic as it gets.  The Bermuda Aquarium & Zoo is a must do for children through to early teens.  Plenty to see and lots to learn!  

Perched at one of the most exquisite sites in Bermuda enjoying gorgeous views of Harrington Sound and the east end.    

There is a cafe on site when its time for lunch! 

A half day experience that particularly infants and very young children will love!    

Open Daily from 9am-4pm

At times the Aquarium runs fun programs. It is advisable to look on there website to find out more.

Learn more here: https://bamz.org/

On the Abarakadoodle Roster. Scheduled during Weeks 1, and 5.

Snorkel Park Beach, Dockyard

Well...its not really a favorite but it is popular as its located virtually right next door to where the ships dock. 

Its filled with all the amenities for those where a visit to Bermuda is hours, not days but its not the best place to relax and enjoy the finest of our amazing island.  

Some "toys" and plenty of people.   Full restaurant and bar.     Kinda loud. 

We will show tons of other great options for beaching with small kids, but without a doubt Snorkel Park is the closest and most convenient for those who arrive on a cruise ship.   

To find out more http://snorkelparkbeach.com/

Not currently on the Abrakadoodle camp roster

Crystal Caves and Fantasy Caves

Located outside the bustling city in Bailyes Bay, Crystal Caves/Fantasy Caves offers an amazingly beautiful and unforgettable experience. Featuring gorgeous, crystal clear, azure blue water.  

As you explore beneath Bermudas surface you will be educated on the special history of this location and the stunning underground formations.  

Open from 9am-5pm (last tour is at 4:30) they give guided tours every 20 minutes this attraction is sure to capture your imagination.  

These beautiful locations also offer great Instagram worthy photographs!  

One note of advise please wear rubber soul shoes (no flip-flops please).


On the Abrakadoodle Camp Roster. Scheduled during Weeks 2 and 5.

Tom Moore's Jungle

A Walk on the Wild Side

Walk lush forest trails, swim in translucent blue waters and explore subterranean caves at this 12-acre reserve that is locally known as Tom Moore's Jungle, named for the Irish poet who favored the area for writing.

Along the trails you'll see mangroves, several bird species and natural swimming grottoes like the famous Blue Hole, part of Blue Hole Park, which is located within Walsingham Nature Reserve.

To find out more https://www.bermuda-attractions.com/bermuda2_00008b.htm

On the Camp Abrakadoodle Roster

Spittal Pond Nature Reserve

Spittal Pond, located in Smiths Parish Bermuda, is the largest and the most premium nature reserve and national park of the island. It spreads over some 64-acres of land area. This Nature Reserve is co-owned by Bermuda National Trust and Bermuda Government.  The reserve stretches along the south shore coastal line and at its center is the 8-acre Spittal Pond. It’s a sprawling sanctuary with a valley having a large brackish pond, several other freshwater ponds with surrounding marsh and woodland areas. 

There is a winding trail through all these climbing to a spectacular views over the south shore. This area originally was comprised of 10 strips of privately held land. However due to large parts being salt marshes, it was unsuitable for development.

Its an absolute must do for wildlife enthusiasts.     Spotted birds like woodland cardinals, finches, mallards, turnstones, sandpipers, white long tails, blue herons, white egrets, occasionally visiting hawks, and the yellow crowned night herons call the Pond home and is a really pleasant place to visit to enjoy paths no so well traveled.     In the heat of the summer, this is something you want to do before mid morning.  Its hot and it is a fairly long trail.


On the Camp Abrakadoodle Roster.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

185 Steps to the top. This picturesque location offers a beautiful view and a healthy workout. The light house is comprised of 8 flights of steps and is safe for anyone fit enough to walk up steps. For those visitors who would like to see the structure but cannot do the steps there the Light House Restaurant on site where you can grab a coffee and sandwich while you wait.

Once at the top you will enjoy marvelous and unique view of Bermuda. So don't forget your camera.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is 117 feet tall and is one of few lighthouses constructed of cast iron. The beacon light can be seen by vessels up to 40 miles away and airplanes up to 120 miles away. The light powers up to a half million candle power, completes one revolution every 60 seconds and flashes of two second duration at every ten-second intervals.

Open Monday to Saturday 9;30am -4:30pm

Sunday and Holidays 10:00am-4:30pm

Closed the month of Febuary

Entry $2.50

Find out more   https://bermudalighthouse.com/

On Camp Abrakadoodle Roster.


Photo  Credit: Karen, Travel MadMum

St. Davids Lighthouse

This spot is located in St. Davids, just a bit passed Clear Water Beach.  

St. Davids Light house was constructed in 1879 of limestone and is 55 ft tall with a total of 85 steps and a light beam can that be seen 15 nautical miles out.  

There is a small grassy area at the base of the lighthouse where you can have a pick nick.  Should you not want to stay at this location, Clearwater Beach is just a hop away.

Open Daily from 7:30 am-4:00 pm

Admission FREE

To find out more


Dolphin Quest

A sure crowd pleaser.  Dolphin Quest offer a variety of options to make your wallet happy and your child.  You can choose to spend up to 5 hours with dolphins.  Your program choice can range from just having a dip in the water and sit on the underwater platform or swim in the lagoon with the dolphins and even use an underwater scooter.

Located inside the National Museum of Bermuda in Dockyard.  It offers a comfortable space for the entire family.  Dolphin Quest features a dolphin lagoon with a saltwater tunnel which connects to the open ocean.  The "Ocean Habitat" allows the dolphins to swim out in the open ocean.  

All events offered cover topics such as Bermuda marine environment and Dolphin education.  They can also make individual accommodations for children with special needs.  

Please check Dolphin Quest website for specific fees and times of operation.

To learn more https://dolphinquest.com/bermuda/programs/

Scheduled during Weeks 3 and 6. 

Best Beaches for Children 

Turtle Bay  / Coopers Island Nature Reserve

For the living is easy summertime beaching enthusiasts, we love Turtle Bay or Coopers Island Nature Reserve  - absolute heaven on earth!   Hands down the most beautiful beaches in Bermuda and by far, the safest for small children / toddlers given its gradient and north shore exposure (no waves)!    Tough to get to but worth the effort.   Again, plan for a packed lunch as amenities are a distance.  

For children, we also like the cove at Horseshoe Bay Beach - gets very crowded though but has all the amenities parents like and is easy to get to...just very busy. 

We like Long Bay in Sandys, and of course, local favorite Shelly Bay Beach.  Warwick Long Bay is a no no.     

Going to the Movies?

Speciality Cinema & Grill 

For the movie buffs out there, its a fantastic summer to be a kid!    

Coming soon to a theater near you are: 


Toy Story 2

The Lion King

Its a Pets Life 2

While there are now 3 local theatres, Speciality Cinema & Grill is our favorite and will be hosting all of the movies named during July / August.   Speciality is  in town and steps away from two of our favorite "children friendly" restaurants.    Its clean with 2 -3 screens and a pretty full day each day of movie showings for maybe the rainy Bermuda day!  All in cost for a family of 4 is about $60.

To learn more: https://specialitycinema.bm/

Xtreme Sports

Human Bowling!! And that is just a start.  With their tag line being "We like to

think outside the box" they definitely deliver!  Xtreme Sports offers 16 extremely fun and physical games for the young and the young at heart. Xtreme Sports also offer Birthday Parties, Special Events and Event Management.  

There amenities include a cafe on site and a sports bar.

While this is a relatively  new company on the island it has been getting great reviews and is only proving to live up to the hype of their name Xtreme Sports.


Party Zone

Located in Southampton, Party Zone offers a full venue of toddler and children activities that are sure to put a huge smile on there faces. 

Their facility can hold up to 40-60 people, so this is not a location to bring just one child.  In order to create the right atmosphere it is a good idea to have a group function.  It is also advised to call ahead as their hours are specific.  

Thursday they have Play dates from 9:30am-1pm, Satday from 12pm-3pm and 5pm-8pm/10pm and Sundays from 10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm/8pm. 

Party Zone has a bubble machine, fun castle,mini football and BBQ just to name a few.  Oh yeah, did I mention a creation station to make Slime.  


Bermuda Youth Libary

A quiet place for quiet time.  Don't let that fool you into thinking the the library is boring.  The youth library offers a fun Summer Reading Program with prizes, set story times, a Girls Club and Chess Club.  Also, every Wednesday the Youth Library shows movies at 10 am with a $5 registration fee.

Take note of the library hours as they are different.

Closed Monday

Tuesday-Thursday 9am-5pm

Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Located 74 Church St. Hamilton 

To learn more https://www.bnl.bm/

Endless Creations Pottery

Centrally located in Hamilton Endless Creations Pottery is a wonderful and creative place to go with your child.  Walk-Ins are welcome and their opening hours can accommodate your busy schedule.   

Once there you can paint your own pottery "PYOP".  Your little one (or even you) can select a pre-made ceramic piece and choose from 80 different colors and paint away. No experience needed.  For those who do not wish to paint in their studio they can take the pottery home and paint on the go.  Just bring the item back to be baked.  

Endless Creations Pottery also offers classes and a Club!

On Saturday Morning they have a Mud Club where participants will learn to make pottery on a wheel, hand build, pour ceramic molds and paint.  For ages 7-12. 

Making Memories and Masterpieces.


Fun Golf β€‹

Located adjacent to Snorkel Park Dockyard, this is a family fun filled event.  This spot offers a 18 hole mini golf course that mimics some of the best places to golf across Bermuda, USA and Scotland.  

They have a "Caddy Shack" Bar and Grill to serve refreshment and they also provide catering if you are planning a big group function.  No reservations are needed for groups of 10 or less. 

Please take note of their opening hours as they are seasonal.

Summer Hours 

Daily 10am-12 Midnight

Tuesdays 10am-10pm

Winter hours

Daily 10am-10pm


Hartleys Helmet Diving

For a never before experienced situation why not try helmet diving.  Hartley's Helmet diving is a unique and breathtaking experience that requires no special skills...not even knowing how to swim will stop you.  It is recommended that the minimum age is 5 yrs old and for adults if you are fit enough to walk up a flight of steps you are good to go.

It is a great way to see Bermudas underwater wild life.  The dive is about 30-4o mins long and the overall trip is 3-4 hours (weather permitting).  

Please check their web site for specific times of availability as they are varied.

For more information https://www.hartleybermuda.com/wp/


Playtrium is located in Smiths Parish.  A great place to go with your child.  You can sit back and relax while they have great fun. Parents can lounge and have tea/coffee, free WiFi and a big flat screen TV, while the little ones can play on the climbing frame, the soft play area or the Eye Step (an interactive floor game using a projector).  

Playtrium does take walk ins however venue takes allot of private parties so look on their website for hours of availability.


Stryks Bowling Lounge

Located in St. Davids Strykz is a bit out of the way but well worth the travel. 

This venue is much more than just bowling; it is an entertainment facility that has 10 lanes, automatic scoring, glow in the dark bowling, black light, smoke machines, 8-foot TV screens, eat in or take out, a sports bar, and now arcade games.  Thus fun for all. 

Bonus it is virtually next to Clearwater Beach and an Ice Cream Shop!

Opening Hours 

Thursday 11:00am-10:00pm

Friday 11:00am-12:00am

Saturday 2:00pm-12:00am

Sunday 2:00pm-8:00pm

To find out more ahttps://bit.ly/2JmREAtbout/?re

And great places to eat with kids?

Lets take a look at the best places to eat if you have a toddler or two on board..absolutely no jacket or reservation required!


Pasta. Pizza. Straight outta Sicily. Kinda cramped space, but generally a comfortable atmosphere.  Great service. Modern, clean restroom facilities.    Great take out.   Reasonably priced.  

Menu and Address Here

Cafe Amici

Really good American style kid friendly menu options.  Though its called "Cafe Amici" its selection of Chicken Fingers, Burgers, Pizza tell a different story of the delights you will find there.  Located in the heart of Dockyard, at the Clock Tower Mall, next to Diamonds International.  Fairly priced.  

Menu and Address Here

La Trattoria

Traditional pasta eatery.  Favorite of locals and visitors.  It the heart of the city, in Washington Mall, steps away from the Cinema, City Hall and within the shopping district.  

Menu and Address Here

Frog & Onion​

A winner of Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence, Frog & Onion offers a kid friendly menu with names such as "Happy Tadpole" and a selection of English style Pub food and local favorites. 

In the rear of the restaurant there is a games room with air hockey and arcade games.

Reasonably priced.

Very Busy.

Learn More

Paraquet Restaurant

Located in Paget for over 50 years this family owned restaurant is a great place to take your young ones.  Paraquet has won a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence as well as several Best in Bermuda Awards, you cannot go wrong with this choice.  They have a dedicated Kids Menus and home styled food offerings.     

They are very affordable and are open every day from 8am-12am.

Learn More

Rosas Cantina

Centrally located in Hamilton this TexMex restaurant is a great choice.  Winner of the "Best Bang for your Buck" it is affordably priced and has good portions sizes.    Open for different hours each day so look at the website for specific opening hours, and call for weekly specials before hand.

Rosas is Kid friendly and you are able to customize your heat for the picky eater. 


Learn More