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To reach your child / Camp Counselor during Camp hours: 

Call / Whatsapp:   441 531 5150 or 

Email: [email protected]   

Camp Base:

St.Marys Church Hall

26 Middle Road,Warwick WK 03


How do I enroll my child in the program?

We encourage all parents to use our online registration option.

Additionally, if space is available, we will accept registrations at the camp field on Monday mornings once camp is in session.

What is a typical day like at camp?

Drop-off is 7:45am-8:50am

Activities run 9am-4pm

Pick-up is 4:30pm-5:30pm

Where do I drop off and pick up my child?

The Summer Day Camp is headquartered at St.Mary's Church, Warwick adjacent to Pricerite Warwick on Middle Road. Pick-up time is at the same location as drop-off unless informed by Camp Counselor.

Can parents/guardians observe my child as the program is in session?

Absolutely. Parents/Guardians are welcome to observe camp activities at any time. We ask that you introduce yourself to the counselors so that we know who you are.

When are fees due?

The deposit of $150 is due upon registration. Half of the remaining balance is due on June 22. All remaining fees are due on July 1. For your convenience, please contact us if you would like to sett up a personalized payment plan that makes payments easier for you.

What forms of payment do you accept? We accept payments by cash, VISA, and MasterCard.

Who can collect camper?

All campers will be given a 4 digit code which is only given to the parent/guardian responsible for the camper/s. This code has to be given to the counselor in order to retrieve camper. No code we can not release any camper without the proper code given.


What if my child can't swim?/Is there an alternate activity during pool time?

Many young campers are happy to stay on the beach on in the shallow part of the beach week after week. The shallow area is quite large and provides tons of splashing fun for our non-swimmers.  We have also partnered with Aquamania to help non swimmers/weak swimmers learn to swim.

If my child is sick or injured can they still participate in the program?

If your child is sick we ask that you keep him / her home for the day to allow time for rest and healing. If you child has an injury that will keep him / her from participating in some activities, please talk to their counselor or send a note along with the child to inform the counselor about the nature of the injury. For example, if your child has an ear infection, he / she will be kept out of the pool/beach.

Is food provided for campers?

We do not provide food. We do have water jugs available for refilling of water bottles. Campers should bring a lunch, two snacks, a fruit and beverage to camp. A refillable water bottle is recommended as well.  The only exception to this is on every Thursday where we will offer a complimentary beef hot dog/hamburger.

How is the food? What about food allergies?

We will have hot lunch on listed days, however if their is any allergy please inform us prior to the start of camp as we can alert other parents of this allergy

What is your staff to camper ratio?

Our overall ratio in camp is one adult staff member to every six campers.


Do you background check your staff?

Yes. All of our staff members pass rigorous applications, interviews, reference checks, and criminal background checks before the start of every summer.

How are your staff members trained?

All of our staff members attend more than a week of training before campers arrive. All of our specialized staff members maintain certifications in their areas of expertise—such as First Aid, CPR, lifeguard, and SCARS course.

What is the age range of the counselors?

Our counselors rang from 21-45. Each counselor undergoes 8-10 days of through training prior to the start of camp, covering topics sch as safety and risk management issues, team building, counseling skills and communication and teaching skills.

Please refer to the About Us page to get full details about all of or qualified staff.

General/Daily Updates

Where should i go to keep updated on events or special information for Camp Abrakadoodle?

It is recommended to check your email daily for information that pertains to your campers needs. You should also follow Camp Abrakadoodle on Facebook to keep updated on possible schedule tweaks and useful information. In any situation you need to have immediate contact please cal the office 295-2273. If 

it is an emergency please follow the emergency guidelines listed above.




What should the children bring to camp everyday?

Camp Abrakadoodle is an activity/sports, and academic camp so children should dress accordingly. This means athletic shoes and comfortable clothing in which they can participate in a wide variety of activities. Please generously apply sunscreen on your child before they arrive at camp.

Each child should bring the following to camp daily:


We ask that you give your child a morning and afternoon snack of fresh fruit. 

Lunch (non microwaveable)

Please provide a healthy, balanced packages lunch each day to include fresh fruit and where possible, non processed options.    We do have a no trash policy so where possible, please use re-usable containers which are clearly marked.  Each Thursday, we have baking/cooking class in the morning and will prepare lunch and snacks so no need to send lunch that day.


Your kids should bring a refillable water bottle to camp ever day!  We have Pure Water distribution on site and they are welcome to refill as they require.


We are out and about at least 2 days per week! most weeks 3x! So much to see and do! Your camp fee is all inclusive to include these excursions and this morning we submitted an updated schedule for you so that you know what we have planned.

Please do not send any additional money with your child except when we suggest. Such as when we go to Dockyard and we want a Haagan Daz visit and your little one wants an ice cream or something like that. We will let you know. 

Sun Protection

We are a SunSmart camp and ask that your children be provided with a hat, sunblock, water bottle  and a towel daily.

Beach Days

On days where we will be going to the beach we ask that you provide your child with swim shoes, towel and a change of clothes (in addition to sun protection).

Additional Items

Composition Book


Jacket.  Our hall is air conditioned and can be very cold at times and advise that your child have a jacket in his/her backpack daily.  

Having said that please label all of your child's belongings with their nameThe summer camp has a Lost & Found and is located at the Day Camp Field.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are NOT to be used during camp except for in an emergency or to speak to parents/guardians. We would prefer children do not bring any electronic devices but understand the security a cell phone may provide. If this is the case, please advise your child before attending camp of our cell phone policy.  Please reinforce the fact that although he/she has a cellphone it is to stay off during camp hours. 

Contact During the Day

Call or WhatsApp Selena at 595 0911 when you need to make any alternate collection arrangements or if you have something specific concerning your child.  Please note that although it is important to have this contact available please do not abuse this touch point.  As the Assistant Director she is ensuring the safety and well being of your child and cannot be distracted from causal queries.   

What do we offer for complimentary lunch on Thursday every week and intermittent complimentary healthy snacks?

We will be offering your child an option of beef hamburger or beef hot dog for the lunch and fruit for the snacks.

What does all inclusive mean when you are talking about field trips?

At Camp Abrakadoodle all of our excursions are paid for by the camp (with the exception of Aquamania). We will be taking care of transportation, entry fee and cost of supplies.​ 

What if there is an emergency and I can't pick up my child by 5:30 pm?

We understand that problems and disruptions sometimes occur during a parent's day that can throw off schedules. However, in order to compensate our counselors for having to stay late, we assess a $10.00/quarter hour childcare fee for children picked up after 5:30pm. This amount is due upon late pick- up. (NOTE - Emergency Procedure: If a designated adult fails to arrive by 6:30pm, the child will be taken to the Hamilton Police Station for pick-up.)

Can you accommodate children with special needs?

Our highest priority is providing a safe and positive experience to all campers in our care. Experience shows that successful participation in Abrakadoodle activities requires the ability to do the following, with appropriate guidance from staff:

-Understand and follow directions of staff

-Communicate needs and concerns to staff

-Identify and avoid health/safety risks

-Maneuver rugged terrain and distances

-Follow a varied individual schedule and manage free time

-Assume responsibility for personal hygiene

-Maintain proper nutrition and hydration

-Refrain from abusive behaviors (physical or verbal) toward self and others

-Participate fully in all scheduled activities and programs

-Demonstrate social and emotional skills in managing stress and conflict

-Contribute to the positive community and spirit of Abrakadoodle

Come join in the fun with US!!